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Half Price Wings
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Steak Sandwich
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Wing and Rib Combo
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Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Sundays Special
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The Best Poutine in Toronto?

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Discover the Different Variations of this Tasty Canadian Favourite
There are few dishes that can convey uniquely Canadian characteristics, including the famous delicacy known as poutine. The people who love poutine will defend its merits until the end of time.
For those uninitiated to the world of poutine, this dish is a comfort food in every sense of the word. The hearty ingredients that go together to form the perfect poutine work to warm the body thoroughly from the inside out. Poutine is a proud Canadian tradition that can warm us up at a hockey ring or be eaten on a patio in the middle of summer.
There are an almost endless number of poutine combinations available in Toronto. New poutine creations are constantly being developed to bring new and extraordinary tastes to the classic style. There are exotic poutine flavors that will suit different tastes with unique combinations destined to change the way traditionalists view the tasty dish.
Poutine is perfectly suited to be a meal or shared among friends. It can be eaten using just the fingers or with a fork.
The Foundations of Traditionally Delicious Poutine
Almost every type of poutine available will be prepared around three fundamental ingredients. These delicious components include:
           - Fries
           - Cheese
           - Gravy    

The fries that are chosen are absolutely vital to forming the foundation for a memorable poutine. Crispy golden brown fries are essential to creating a truly savoury taste experience. Choosing poutine from an establishment known for their own signature fries is a good way to ensure the basics for a great poutine.
One of the components of poutine that Canadians are least flexible on compromising is cheese. For many connoisseurs, cheese curds are the ingredient that is responsible for transforming the fries, cheese and gravy into the heavenly goodness that is poutine. These cheese curds should be large and easily melt when layered between the gravy and the fries, but still provide the noticeable "squeak” when you bite down.
Gravy is the ingredient that takes poutine to a new level.Rich brown gravy is perfectly paired with the fries and cheese to enhance all of the unique tastes that are present in the poutine.
A poutine is the ultimate display of how the end product is greater than the sum of its parts. While each component of a poutine is tasty on its own, they combine to form an amazing taste sensation that is both filling and satisfying.
A Poutine for Every Taste
The national appeal of poutine has led to new and creative types of poutine being developed. These types of poutine challenge the traditions to provide innovative new tastes that often combine other delicious dishes.
Explore the edge of outrageous flavour with a poutine that combines signature boneless wings and savoury garlic-dill sauce to create a uniquely succulent assault on the senses.
If you are searching for the best poutine in Toronto, choose a restaurant with signature fries and an attention to preparing both traditional and innovative new varieties of the Canadian favourite.
*Some restrictions apply, see restaurants for details.
Which would you prefer?
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